Cochran Firm Represents Police Beating Victim Roderick Walker

February 23, 2022

Shean Williams, managing partner at The Cochran Firm, represents police beating victim Roderick Walker.

Shean Williams said Saturday that Walker was a passenger in a car that was pulled over for having a broken taillight. When a deputy asked for his identification, he refused — "like every American citizen has the right to do", Williams said.

The Clayton County Sheriff's Office said the deputy, who is white, was fired for excessive use of force in the encounter Friday with Roderick Walker, 26 after videos posted to social media showed him repeatedly striking Mr. Walker, who was pinned to the ground.

Read the full article at NBC News.

Shean Williams called the charges against Walker "frivolous" and demanded that Hill and the Clayton County District Attorney's Office drop the charges immediately and release the man.

"Roderick Walker is in jail solely because he was illegally arrested after being assaulted by Clayton County Sheriff deputies, not because of anything he did during that incident or in the past," Williams said in a statement following the announcement of the deputy's termination. "Mr. Walker would not be in jail if it were not for this unlawful arrest that violated his legal and constitutional rights."

"The only individuals who perpetrated criminal behavior were the deputies who unlawfully assaulted and arrested him," Williams said.

Williams said he is requesting that the Clayton County District Attorney's officer pursue criminal charges against the two sheriff's deputies and that the Georgia Bureau of Investigation launch an independent probe of the episode.

Williams said the incident unfolded after Walker, his girlfriend, Janita Davis, and their 5-year-old son dropped off a rental car and were getting a ride home from a ride-share service.

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