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How Much Does a Car Accident Lawyer Cost?

Car Accidents

If your lawyer works on a contingency-fee-basis, then it may cost you nothing out of pocket to hire a car accident lawyer. Some lawyers waive any upfront attorney’s fees, and instead, take a portion of any settlement or judgment that you win. This arrangement may provide greater financial flexibility to clients who cannot afford to hire a lawyer on an hourly basis.

If you or a loved one suffered bodily harm in a car accident, then you should consider hiring a lawyer who offers services on a contingency-fee-basis. This could work to promote your legal interests while limiting your financial risk.

Explaining Contingency-Fee Payment Structures

Lawyers who offer services on a contingency-fee arrangement do not collect money from their clients at the moment that they agree to become their lawyer. Instead, the lawyer and client agree to split any money that is obtained through a settlement or judgment.

The American Bar Association (ABA) explains that contingency-fee payment structures are generally applied to personal injury and wrongful death cases. This mode of payment allows lawyers to choose cases based on merit, rather than prospective clients’ ability to pay. Furthermore, offering services on a contingency-fee-basis allows some people access to legal services they would otherwise be unable to afford.

You may have to pay some portion of court costs if your case is not successful. However, you would not be responsible for paying your lawyer’s attorney’s fees unless they are able to secure compensation for you.

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What a Contingency-Fee Payment Structure Gets You

Before getting into the specifics regarding contingency-fee payment structures, each lawyer is different in regard to how they collect payment. At the beginning of your working relationship, they will outline the services they provide and how they will collect payment. Your agreement will likely be made in writing, so you should carefully read any document you receive before signing it.

When considering how much a car accident lawyer costs, if they offer services on a contingency-fee-basis, it may cost you nothing out of pocket to hire an attorney. A lawyer may do everything necessary to complete your case once your contingency-fee contract is in place, and they become your legal representative.

Some of the specific responsibilities of your lawyer may include:

Collecting and organizing evidence that is relevant to your case

Speaking with medical professionals to document your injuries

Filing a lawsuit, if necessary

Calculating your losses, both economic and noneconomic

Making court appearances on your behalf

Guiding your case to completion

Negotiating a settlement

Identifying the at-fault and liable parties

Explaining your legal options as your case develops

Reviewing the details of your auto insurance policy to view your coverage options

Your lawyer may attempt to obtain compensation for all of your accident-related losses.

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Your Lawyer Wants to Aim for Fair Compensation on Your Behalf

The specific losses that you have suffered and could suffer going forward may entitle you to a specific amount of compensation. Your lawyer may be able to identify all of the forms of compensation you should be able to collect and negotiate for payment on your behalf.

Some of the specific expenses and losses that you could incur because of a car accident include:

The cost of emergency transportation from the scene of your accident

The cost of emergency medical care

The cost of surgery, hospitalization, and rehabilitation for your injuries

Pain and suffering

The cost of mental health counseling

Damage to your vehicle

Long-term or permanent disability

Lost income

Permanent harm to your earning power

Lost personal and professional opportunities

Your lawyer wants to help you identify all of the ways that you were harmed because of a car accident. They may be able to identify each party responsible for your losses and take the appropriate steps to seek compensation from those entities.

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Having a car accident lawyer in your corner could alleviate many of the stressors associated with your personal injury case. Your lawyer may be able to determine how much compensation you are owed and then guide your case to completion. If you are considering legal representation, you should take action immediately.

Tennessee Code §28-3-104 dictates that you generally have one year from the date of an accident to pursue a lawsuit. If you do not act within this period, you may face problems getting the money you need and deserve.

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