Numerous drugs throughout the course of pharmaceutical history have been deemed for public consumption and released for public consumption, only for those who use the drug to find out later that the drug was in fact a threat to their health. If you took one or more medications—whether it was over-the-counter or prescription—that was later deemed to be unsafe, then an Antioch defective drug lawyer may be able to assist you with a lawsuit.

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Drugs May Be Dangerous Despite Being FDA Approved

Defective drug after defective drug has served as proof that an approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is not a guarantee that a drug is completely safe, or even remotely safe. The FDA provides a list of drugs that have been initially approved as safe for human consumption, only to be recalled, withdrawn from the market, or issued a safety alert at a later date.

Some drugs that have been suspected of being unsafe, or confirmed as defective, after initially receiving FDA approval include:

  • Finasteride Plus
  • Various dietary supplements
  • Vitamins
  • Male enhancement pills
  • Ranitidine, which is the generic form of brand name drugs such as Zantac
  • Certain types of lidocaine topical cream and gel products
  • Blood pressure drug Valsartan
  • Alka-Seltzer Plus
  • Lorazepam oral concentrate
  • Eliquis, an anti-blood clot medication

The list of medications that have been introduced to the consumer market under the guise of being safe and later recalled or flagged for being unsafe is extensive and is being perpetually updated, per the FDA website. Depending on which recalled, withdrawn, or flagged drug that you or your loved one have taken, you may have been exposed to significant threats to your health.

Injuries Linked to Defective Drugs

According to the FDA, the side effects that you may experience because of a certain medication may vary depending on:

  • Other medications or supplements that you are taking
  • Your age
  • Any preexisting conditions that you have at the time you take the drug
  • Your gender

When you decide to take a medication, you have a right to know about possible adverse side effects. If you ultimately experience side effects that are not made readily available by the manufacturer of the medication, then you may have grounds for legal action against one or more parties. Unanticipated side effects of defective medications may:

  • Cause immediate and long-term discomfort or pain
  • Trigger allergic reactions
  • Result in the development of serious ailments, such as cancer
  • Ultimately diminish your quality of life
  • Be grounds for a lawsuit

A defective drug may trigger interruptions in your body’s biological processes that can directly or indirectly cause significant health problems. If you suspect that you have developed one or more health problems as the result of a dangerous or otherwise defective drug, then you may be able to collect compensation through a lawsuit.

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Steps You Can Take After Taking a Defective Drug

If you had an adverse reaction to a medication or have become aware that a drug you took was either recalled, withdrawn from the market, or flagged as potentially unsafe, then you may want to take several steps.

Such steps may include:

  • Cease taking the drug
  • File a report about your adverse reaction with the FDA, as this could help alert others to the possible danger of a drug and also serve as documentation for any lawsuit that you bring
  • Seek medical treatment to ensure that you are safe from further harm, and obtain documentation of any medical treatment that you receive
  • Research whether others have experienced adverse reactions from the drug
  • Speak with a legal team to understand your fitness to bring a lawsuit

You may ultimately be entitled to compensation for your losses related to the defective medication. You may also choose to recruit a lawyer to help with a defective drug lawsuit.

A Lawyer Will Lead Your Defective Drug Lawsuit

When you are negatively impacted by a defective drug, then a lawyer may step in to help you take steps towards any compensation to which you may be entitled. Initially, a lawyer may help you understand those who may be liable for your losses. Defendants to be named in your lawsuit may include:

  • Any doctor that advised you to take a defective medication
  • The manufacturer of a defective medication
  • The FDA (if they granted approval to a drug that later proved to be dangerous)

Once you and your lawyer have identified defendants to name in your lawsuit, then your lawyer may proceed by:

  • Filing your lawsuit in the proper legal venue
  • Conducting further investigation into the reasons why you were exposed to a harmful drug
  • Consulting experts who understand the science behind your adverse reaction to a drug, and why a drug may have been defective
  • Collecting medical documentation in order to prove that you were harmed and to help calculate awards to which you may be entitled
  • Negotiating a settlement on your behalf
  • Representing you at trial if no acceptable settlement arises
  • Defending your rights throughout their time serving as your lawyer

If your pursuit of compensation is successful, then you may be able to collect awards covering:

  • Medical costs related to the adverse effects of the medication in question
  • Treatment for any serious disease (such as cancer) that may be linked to a defective medication you have taken
  • Income you have lost because of a defective medication
  • Pain and suffering related to taking a defective medication
  • Various losses related to the death of your loved one, if they died as the result of a defective drug

You could be awarded additional forms of compensation based on the specific details of your exposure to a defective medication.

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