The state of Tennessee, and Nashville in particular, is not immune to the rash of medical error that has become the third-leading cause of death in the US, according to some reports. While healthcare is responsible for saving countless lives each year, some medical providers make mistakes and errors that cause injury or death to patients.

If you believe that you or a loved one may be the victim of malpractice by one or more medical professionals, or a medical institution, then you may be able to collect damages. Call a Nashville medical malpractice lawyer at The Cochran Firm – Nashville today at 615-678-6278 to start your case.

Civil Court May Be Your Path to Justice

Civil courts are designed to provide justice for actions which result in harm but do not qualify as criminal. If you believe that you are the victim of medical malpractice, civil court may be the ideal route for pursuing justice.

There Are Many Forms of Medical Negligence

One of the reasons why medical malpractice is so widespread is that it can happen in virtually any medical setting. Whether you are receiving advice from a doctor or are undergoing serious surgery, you may be the victim of medical malpractice.

Some results of medical malpractice are:

Birth injury


Worsening conditions because of a missed diagnosis or misdiagnosis

Brain damage


The spectrum of possible health consequences of medical negligence is vast, and the details of your specific case are what matter most. Consider how you or your loved one could have been put at risk by a medical professional’s error.

Additional Forms of Medical Negligence

Again, there are virtually endless scenarios in which medical negligence may have led to you sustaining an injury or losing a loved one. History provides many examples of what medical negligence may look like from a broad perspective.

Other forms of potential negligence could include:

Failing to conduct adequate or proper testing on a patient who is later discovered to have had an ailment

Misdiagnosing a patient, and in doing so causing the real medical condition to worsen

Dismissing a patient’s health concerns if they are later proven valid

Causing birth injury to a child, an outcome which could result from several different forms of medical error

Causing harm to a patient during surgery

Failing to monitor a patient before, during, or after surgery

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A Nashville Medical Malpractice Lawyer Will Organize and Execute Your Case

There are no guarantees if you bring forth a medical malpractice case, and you may want to employ the services of a Nashville medical malpractice lawyer who has tried such cases before. Our team at The Cochran Firm – Nashville has helped victims of medical malpractice cases before, and we will use knowledge of the law in the service of your case.

There are several ways that our team will assist you, including by:

Conducting an in-person, over-the-phone consultation or virtual consultation by video to collect the details of your case, which will allow us to get the ball rolling

Deciding whether a hospital, individual medical professional, or some combination of defendants are responsible for your losses

Collecting evidence pertaining to your case, such as hospital records, your medical records, eyewitness testimony, and any other evidence of negligence

Consulting a medical expert—one of the greatest resources that a lawyer may provide

Organizing your case based on the evidence

Exploring any settlement options offered by the defendant(s)

If your case does not result in a pre-trial settlement, presenting your case at trial

Defending your rights to patient privacy and the pursuit of justice

Medical error can impose life-altering consequences on the victim, and you may have experienced losses of various forms, potentially including:





Our team can help you recover these losses.

Possible Awards in a Medical Negligence Case

We aim to help you recover financial compensation for your losses. You may be eligible to recover awards to cover:

Mental anguish and other forms of suffering

Lost income

Professional and personal opportunities that you can no longer pursue

Medical expenses

Other losses that have resulted from medical error

If you are considering filing a wrongful death claim because you have lost a loved one, additional compensation may be available.

If you were harmed in some way because of a medical error or other forms of medical negligence, we want to hear from you today.

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