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How Do I Prove I Have Pain and Suffering in Court?

The key to proving pain and suffering in court is providing sufficient evidence and documentation of your injuries and other losses. After a truck accident, you will likely suffer in many ways. You could be injured and require medical treatment to heal your injuries. You could have scarring, and your injuries could cause permanent health problems or mobility issues. Your injuries can also cause tremendous pain and suffering.

If you are considering filing a truck accident claim to recover financial compensation for your losses, you could be wondering how to prove that you have pain and suffering in court. Read on to learn more about how evidence is used to prove a truck accident case in Tennessee.

Using Evidence to Prove a Personal Injury Lawsuit

As with all cases that go to court, evidence must be used to prove your case, according to the Tennessee State Courts. After a truck accident, you will likely be suffering in many ways. You will have your financial losses, such as the cost of treating your injuries, property damage, lost income, and more.

You may also deal with non-financial losses that can be difficult to put a price tag on. You may know that you deserve to be compensated for all the ways you have suffered following a truck accident. But how do you prove your suffering?

For instance, perhaps you broke your leg due to your truck accident, which can be an extremely painful injury that takes a long time to heal, according to MedlinePlus. One good way to prove your pain and suffering is to show the court the severity of your injuries.

You could include:

  • Pictures of your injuries immediately after your accident
  • Documentation of how long you were in the hospital
  • Information about the rehabilitation process you had to undergo
  • Photos of how your injuries healed and any scarring
  • X-rays and medical documentation of your injuries
  • Proof of mental trauma, such as documentation of mental health issues

You can document these issues yourself, or a health professional can also help you document your physical and mental struggles caused by your accident.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to prove physical pain and mental trauma. You can also prove other non-financial losses through the use of evidence. For instance, permanent injuries, disfigurement, loss of enjoyment of life, and other losses can be proven using evidence.

Compensation for Truck Accident Damages

After you prove your damages, you could receive financial compensation intended to serve as justice in civil cases. If you file a claim for a truck accident with an insurance company, you could receive a settlement. When you go to trial for a truck accident, you could receive a financial award from the court if you win your case.

Damages can include financial losses and non-financial losses. You could be compensated for things like:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost wages
  • Medical expenses
  • Mental trauma
  • Property loss/damage
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Scarring
  • Disfigurement
  • Permanent injury
  • Transportation expenses
  • Rehabilitation expenses
  • Cost of mental health treatment

A Lawyer May Be Able to Help with Your Case

If you are working on filing a claim or lawsuit for a truck accident, you could be a little overwhelmed by all the work involved in the process. Many people get help with civil cases from injury lawyers. If you are not sure what a lawyer does, here is a list of how a lawyer typically helps with civil cases:

Legal Advice

A lawyer first helps by giving you legal advice about your case and helping you understand the laws that will impact your case’s success. They can give you an idea as to whether you have a strong case and how much it might be worth in terms of compensation.


A lawyer also helps by investigating your case. They want to help you find out who is at fault so you can pursue the right parties. Sometimes, more than one party is at fault for a truck accident. Your lawyer can gather evidence and give you advice on what you should be documenting to use as evidence later on.


Your lawyer helps by completing legal paperwork and filing your case with the court. They can aim to help you put together a strong case using the evidence gathered.

Insurance Negotiations and Court

Whether you choose to settle outside of court or take your case to trial, we can guide you through the process and fight for you.

Reach Out to the Cochran Firm - Nashville

You may prove you have pain and suffering in court by using as much evidence as you can possibly collect. Remember, you do not have to handle your claim or lawsuit on your own. A truck accident lawyer may be able to help you with the entire process.

We may be able to help you investigate the accident to figure out who was to blame and is liable for your damages. We may also help you collect evidence to prove all of your damages, including pain and suffering. We want to help you deal with insurers and go to court on your behalf. For help with a claim, call The Cochran Firm - Nashville at 615-678-6278. You can get a free case evaluation when you call our office.

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