There are several real estate related scenarios under which you could require or benefit from a lawyer, but as a general rule, consult legal counsel if you find yourself facing a dispute as a co-owner, tenant, landlord, buyer, or seller.

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Why You May Want to Retain a Nashville Real Estate Litigation Lawyer

Land, homes, apartments, and other structures are generally large investments, and such large investments often spark litigation when there are issues between two or more parties. There are several reasons why you may be in need of a real estate litigation lawyer, and your specific need likely depends on whether you are a:

Property seller

Property buyer




Whether you fall into the above categories or another category altogether, our team at The Cochran Firm – Nashville is of service to you.

Property Seller Litigation Issues

As somebody who has sold property or wants to sell property, you may run into a host of issues for which the legal system is the only remedy. Some of reasons for legal action among property sellers include:

A buyer has reneged on a contractual deal to which they originally agreed

A buyer failed to fulfill one or more elements of your contract and is inhibiting your ability to re-sell the property in some way

The terms of a contract are not completely clear, and you require a legal representative to plead your case in court

The property you are selling has outstanding liens

There are several other things that a real estate attorney can do for a seller, whether they are involved in litigation or not.

Property Buyer Litigation Issues

If you are in the process of buying a property or have already bought one, then you may have encountered unanticipated problems that can only be solved through a lawsuit—or, at least, a credible threat of legal action against the party giving you trouble.

Some reasons why you may need a Nashville real estate litigation lawyer as a property buyer include:

The seller reneged on a signed contract, including but not limited to re-selling a property after you agreed to purchase it

The seller failed to disclose information about the property, especially information that would likely have affected the sale price (Real estate disclosure laws in Nashville may be cut-and-dry, and a lawyer may be able to resolve your case in short order)

The seller attempts to change the terms of your contract after the fact

The seller failed to provide promised upgrades or services after the sale was complete

If you are the buyer or prospective buyer of a property and believe that legal action is the only route to solve your problem, seek assistance from a lawyer today.

A Lawyer Can Help Renters, Landlords, and Real Estate Agents, Too

Real estate is not just bought and sold; it is rented and leased as well. Renters and landlords may require a lawyer if issues arise, such as:

A dispute over the terms of a lease, including whether one or more sides breached the terms of a lease

Failure by a landlord to maintain a property

Damage to a property allegedly caused by a renter’s actions

Disputes over liability and financial responsibility for any losses incurred in a rented property

In addition to the above-listed parties, real estate agents may find themselves entangled in legal proceedings because of a variety of potential circumstances.

If you are somebody who is taking legal action, plans to take legal action, or is anticipating legal action by someone else because of a real estate matter, we may be able to help. Call our team at The Cochran Firm – Nashville today for a free consultation.

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How a Real Estate Litigation Lawyer Can Help

The way in which a Nashville real estate litigation lawyer will help depends on your specific circumstances. Several questions will determine the specific services that we will provide, namely:

Are you being sued or believe that you could be sued?

Are you suing someone or believe that a lawsuit may soon be necessary?

Once you seek out a lawyer to discuss the circumstances of your issue, there may be several ways to assist. Your lawyer’s duties may include:

Interpreting any documents, such as real estate contracts or legal action against you, that you have in your possession

Obtaining additional documentation that you may not yet have in your possession

Drafting any documents necessary to move your case towards a resolution

Corresponding with other parties involved in your case, or their attorneys, to see if a non-trial resolution to your problem is available

If a lawsuit is necessary, taking the steps to bring your case to court

Overseeing your case from start to finish and defending your rights

Whether you are buying a home, renting an apartment, selling a property, or have another relationship to a property, real estate is one of the central elements of most people’s lives. Accordingly, problems involving real estate can be all-consuming.

Allow a Nashville real estate litigation lawyer to help you resolve your real estate headache.

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