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Slip and Fall FAQs

A slip and fall accident can leave you with serious injuries that unexpectedly curtail your physical ability and might even damage your appearance. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that:

  • One of every five falls lead to broken bones or head injuries
  • 800,000 people sustain injuries that require hospitalization per year
  • 300,000 older people experience hip fractures due to falls each year

A slip and fall accident can lead to other serious injuries, including fractures of the wrist, arm, and ankle. These injuries can mean you are unable to return to your place of employment and cannot financially support yourself or your family. Your health care team can assess the extent of your injuries and their effects on your life. Your legal team can calculate the cost of your injuries and assess the total value of your claim.

A slip and fall accident can leave you with medical bills and a host of other financial expenses and losses. Through a claim for financial compensation, you could be entitled to recoup two types of financial awards—economic and non-economic damages. Your compensation options are multifaceted and are also governed by time.

The time immediately after you are injured in a slip and fall accident can be confusing. If you fall on icy stairs, the home’s owner is the obvious party to pursue for compensation for your injuries. Do you know who to pursue for compensation if you are injured on a sidewalk, in an office building, in a dimly lit parking lot, or in a retail store or franchise?

Filing a claim for financial recovery from the at-fault party when you are injured in a slip and fall accident takes time. Tennessee Code Ann. § 28-3-104 determines the amount of time you have to file a lawsuit for financial compensation. This amount of time you have to seek compensation is referred to the statute of limitations. If your lawsuit is not filed in the allotted time, you might not be able to file it at all.

Just as filing a lawsuit must meet the designated time restriction, it must also comply with other components of the law. This requirement can raise questions about the process of filing a compensation claim. We can help you find answers to many of the most frequently asked questions about obtaining financial compensation after a slip and fall accident.

If you or a family member was injured in a slip and fall accident, you could have the basis of a personal injury or premises liability lawsuit. Call 615-678-6278 to contact the client review team at The Cochran Firm – Nashville to review the details of your slip and fall accident and to explore your financial compensation options.

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