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Ignored Warnings Result in Injuries in Hard Rock Hotel Collapse in New Orleans

New Orleans, Louisiana 10/17/2019- Derrick Pate was among dozens of people who were injured after the future Hard Rock Hotel construction site came crashing down.  Mr. Pate, who was buried under the rubble, had to be dug out.  Authorities are investigating social media videos and claims that show the construction site was in peril days before it fell.  In the video a Spanish speaking voice can be heard describing an aging concrete slab and bent support posts.  Mr. Pate and his attorney Shean Williams hope that the disaster results in stricter codes so that future accidents can be avoided.   [...]

The Cochran Firm Announces $3.6M Verdict in Wrongful Death Lawsuit

    The Cochran Firm Announces $3.6M Verdict in Wrongful Death Lawsuit of Man Shot 17 Times By Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputies Video shows Nicholas Robertson did not point gun at deputies Los Angeles, CA - The Cochran Firm has announced that on Monday a unanimous jury awarded the children of a man fatally shot by Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies a total verdict of $3.6 million dollars in a wrongful death lawsuit. 28-year-old Nicholas Robertson died after being shot 17 times by deputies assigned to the Lynwood Sheriff’s Station on Dec. 12, 2015in front of an Arco gas [...]

Florida Doctor Charged with Medical Malpractice in Federal Case

  Marla Dixon was just 19 years old when her baby boy was delivered with limp limbs, a blue face, and a severe case of brain damage due to a lack of oxygen in December of 2013. The baby had to be revived by a medical team since the child was unconscious upon delivery. The child’s life was saved; however, the consequence of the doctor’s carelessness is severe and will affect Marla’s baby for the rest of his life. This was never expected to happen in Marla’s case because her pregnancy had been fairly low-risk. In Ms. Dixon’s case, the [...]

The Five Most Common Medical Malpractice Claims

When you seek professional medical help for a health concern, you expect to be taken care of. While most doctors and nurses do their best to provide their patients with quality care, mistakes still happen. In some cases, these mistakes have life-altering consequences for the patient. If a patient is not correctly treated, the medical professional may be liable for further injury. Let’s take a look at some of the most common medical malpractice claims. 1. Misdiagnosis and Failure to Diagnose In the United States, nearly 12 million people are misdiagnosed in an outpatient setting each year. Misdiagnosis is common [...]

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A Quick History of Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

The Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade started in the roaring twenties when New York's department store Macy's was thriving. The first parade took place in 1924 and debuted as a Christmas Day parade instead of Thanksgiving. There were only three floats that were pulled by horses from 145th Street and Convent Avenue to the Macy's store at 34th Street and Broadway. It included animals from the Central Park Zoo and four different bands. Santa even made an appearance in the first parade. This tradition still continues today, even though the parades look a little different than they did in the 1920s. [...]

Mesothelioma and the Dangers of Asbestos Exposure

Asbestos exposure, and subsequent diseases such as mesothelioma kill thousands of Americans each year. It is integral to be aware of the dangers of asbestos exposure, and to uncover whether you could possibly have been exposed. Before understanding diseases like Mesothelioma, it is integral to learn what asbestos is, as well as where asbestos exposure can come from. It is also important to know some general facts about asbestos exposure to determine if you may have been affected.    Many people know how toxic asbestos can be, but may not know why the compound is so deadly. Asbestos is a [...]

Cochran Client Spends First Thanksgiving With Family After His Sentence is Vacated.

In February of 2020 Christian Pacheco had his sentence vacated after nearly 25 years of being wrongfully convicted.  Now, he looks forward to spending time with his family over the first holiday season since his release. “I am so thankful for those who supported me throughout my wrongful incarceration and in the months since I have regained my freedom.  Every day is a blessing and I cherish having the opportunity to once again spend this special occasion with my family and friends, watching football, eating, and celebrating life.”   - Christian Pacheco Read more.

What are the Most Common Causes of Semi-Truck Accidents?

Semi-trucks and other large commercial vehicles are a common sight on Interstate Highways and in rural areas. Nearly two million semi-trucks are in operation, distributing products throughout the United States and significantly contributing to the economy. Large trucks are categorized as weighing 10,000 pounds. These trucks can be involved in accidents involving injuries and fatalities. Accidents involving large commercial trucks tend to occur in rural areas or interstate highways. While there are many causes of truck accidents, collision with another vehicle is the most common. Due to their size and the relatively long time it takes to stop a semi, [...]

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