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New Mexico family files lawsuit against school district over delayed medical care

Administrators waited hours to transport injured student according to lawsuit A New Mexico family recently filed a delayed medical treatment lawsuit against the Aztec School District over allegations school administrators waited hours to transport a student severely injured during a fight.  The lawsuit claims the victims suffered a traumatic brain injury, a seizure, and requires ongoing medical care as a result of the school’s inability to properly respond to the boy’s medical needs. According to reports, the case dates back to December 2015 when the plaintiff’s son was injured in a schoolyard fight and subsequently lost consciousness while under school [...]

The National Black Lawyers: Top 40 Under 40 Announces Ibiere N. Seck as Its New President

The National Black Lawyers: Top 40 Under 40 is proud to announce that Ms. Ibiere N. Seck of The Cochran Firm – California will serve as the association's new president for 2017-2018. The National Black Lawyers: Top 40 Under 40 is an honorary organization composed of the Top 40 lawyers age 40 or younger in each state. Membership is by invitation only and is extended exclusively to attorneys who excel in their profession or promote diversity.  The National Black Lawyers: Top 40 Under 40 is one of the very few preeminent organizations in the United States established to promote the nation’s [...]

Atlanta, D.C. & Metairie Offices: 2017 Best Law Firm List

The Cochran Firm Celebrates “Best Law Firms” Rankings by U.S. News & World Report ATLANTA, Ga., March 17, 2017 – The Cochran Firm is proud to announce three regional offices have been selected “Best Law Firms” for 2017 by U.S. News & World Report.  The Cochran Firm- Atlanta, The Cochran Firm- D.C., and The Cochran Firm- Metairie are ranked among the best in Metropolitan Rankings within the U.S. “U.S. News is the global authority in rankings,” says Tim Smart, executive editor of U.S. News & World Report. This year’s “Best Law Firms” list is based on the highest number of [...]

Can I Sue After Being Injured Playing a Sport?

Sports-related Injuries Happen Sports are a great way to keep kids active. Most sports teach important life lessons such as teamwork, trust and responsibility, how to get along with others, and how to work with others to achieve a common goal. But, unfortunately, any physical activity comes with the risk of physical injury. This is especially true for high contact sports such as football, basketball and hockey. Each year, an estimated 38 million children and adolescents participate in organized sports in the United States. With numbers that high, sports-related injuries are bound to happen. It is estimated that approximately 1.6 [...]

Handling Medical Bills Until My Case is Settled

If you’ve been injured in an accident due to someone else’s fault, you may be wondering who will be paying for your immediate medical treatments. Keep reading to find out how your medical bills will be paid.  If you’ve been injured in an accident, seek medical attention immediately. Once you have been to the hospital or seen a healthcare provider, the medical bills will soon start rolling in. If you get into an accident, more often than not, the injured person will be responsible for paying their own medical bills. It is commonly mistaken by clients that their attorney will [...]

Mistakes to Avoid if You Are Ever Arrested

Many people are unaware of what to expect when they are questioned by the police after being detained. They often make common mistakes that could potentially hurt their case down the line, even if they’re not guilty. The Cochran Firm wants you to be prepared so you can avoid these five common mistakes.   Resisting If an officer has made the decision to arrest you, there may be little you can do to stop it at that very moment. While you will have an opportunity to contest the charges you face, doing so during an arrest is not that time. [...]

Haunted Houses Liability | The Cochran Firm

Haunted Houses Liability It’s that time of year again- Spooky Season! Haunted houses attract thousands of people of all ages who love the thrill and excitement of being scared. But it’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt. If you plan on visiting a haunted house this October, be sure to take precautions. Here are common injuries that can happen at haunted houses: Slip/Trip Falls Slip, trip, and fall injuries are the most common type of personal injury seen in haunted houses. Whether a person falls because of poor lighting, or the haunted house has multiple tripping hazards, these [...]

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