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Mistakes to Avoid if You Are Ever Arrested

Many people are unaware of what to expect when they are questioned by the police after being detained. They often make common mistakes that could potentially hurt their case down the line, even if they’re not guilty. The Cochran Firm wants you to be prepared so you can avoid these five common mistakes.   Resisting If an officer has made the decision to arrest you, there may be little you can do to stop it at that very moment. While you will have an opportunity to contest the charges you face, doing so during an arrest is not that time. [...]

Haunted Houses Liability | The Cochran Firm

Haunted Houses Liability It’s that time of year again- Spooky Season! Haunted houses attract thousands of people of all ages who love the thrill and excitement of being scared. But it’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt. If you plan on visiting a haunted house this October, be sure to take precautions. Here are common injuries that can happen at haunted houses: Slip/Trip Falls Slip, trip, and fall injuries are the most common type of personal injury seen in haunted houses. Whether a person falls because of poor lighting, or the haunted house has multiple tripping hazards, these [...]

Am I Eligible to File a Wrongful Death Case? | The Cochran Firm

Wrongful Death Cases: What is a Wrongful Death? Generally speaking, a wrongful death is a death incurred by someone’s negligence, such as carelessness, incompetence, or failure to act. Car crashes are the most common cause of wrongful death. Another example of a wrongful death case would be if a pedestrian was struck by a vehicle while crossing the street on their right of way. A wrongful death lawsuit can provide financial assistance and stability to a family after the tragic loss of a relative.   Who Can File a Wrongful Death Case?   Each state allows a wrongful death claim [...]

Meeting With Your Lawyer For The First Time | The Cochran Firm

If you are meeting with a lawyer for the first time, chances are you are nervous and unsure about what to expect. This may even be a meeting you never thought you would need to attend.   Here is what you need to know before you walk into that first meeting: The first meeting you have with your lawyer will serve as a consultation. During this time, you will have the opportunity to share your situation and learn more about the attorney you may want to hire. To prepare for this first meeting, you should do your homework and collect [...]

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