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How Soon Should You See a Doctor After an Auto Accident?

3 million people in the United States are injured every year in auto accidents. Around 2 million of the resulted injuries are permanent. If you are involved in an auto accident, no matter the severity of the accident, medical attention should be sought.   High Level Severity Auto accidents, such as head-on collisions and intersection collisions, are often the most severe types of auto accidents. Especially when occurring at high speeds, medical attention will be needed immediately for all parties involved. It may be necessary for an on-looker to call 911 if none of the parties involved are in a [...]

Tips for Safe Driving in the Winter

The number of auto accidents significantly increase during the winter months due to the hazardous conditions brought by winter weather. It is important to take extra precautions during the winter months for the safety of both yourself and others on the road. Tips for Safe Driving According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), driving safely in the winter starts before you even get on the road. Regular maintenance and tune-ups important for year-round safe driving but are also important for when the temperature starts to drop. Winter weather can take a toll on car batteries, wipers, coolant, tires, [...]

Types of Cybercrimes

Cyber crimes are a modern and quite popular form of crime. The low chance of getting caught and the possibility of a high reward make it very attractive to criminals. Here are some of the most common cyber crimes you need to know about so you can stay safe on the Internet.   Internet Piracy Music, media, and software piracy is rampant on the Internet. Numerous laws have been passed to help prosecutors charge those who pirate copyrighted material online, though the big targets by prosecutors are the hubs where pirates gather. From an individual perspective, however, there is another [...]

Can Any Relative Bring A Wrongful Death Lawsuit?

Wrongful death claims are brought on when someone is killed due to the negligence of another party or an intentional act. They allow for the estate of the deceased person to file a lawsuit against the party who is legally liable for the death. Wrongful death claims are often filed by a representative of the estate, on behalf of surviving family member and others affected parties. The victim’s family can seek monetary damages for funeral and burial expenses, medical expenses, pain and suffering, and loss of wages and future earning capacity.   What constitutes who exactly can file a wrongful [...]

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