How Are Supreme Court Justices Selected?

Once Supreme Court justices are approved, they serve for life unless they retire. This means that their selection must be taken with the utmost care. As the third major branch of government, the Supreme Court is a powerful check against the other two branches, the Legislative and the Executive. Over the past few years, there [...]

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Auto Accidents Involving Bicycles

In 2016, over 18,000 cyclists were injured in reported road accidents. Only 16% of fatal or serious accidents were reported as not involving a collision with another vehicle. It is the duty of both the rider and driver to follow the laws of the road and traffic regulations, although there are specific laws to help [...]

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3 Famous Medical Malpractice Lawsuits

Julie Andrews In 1997, Julie Andrews, mostly famously known for per performances in the Sound of Music and Mary Poppins, went in for an operation to treat non-cancerous nodules in her throat. Instead, she left with hoarseness, vocal chord damage, and other complications. She filed the lawsuit in 1999 and it came to a close [...]

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Freedom of the Press

There has been much ink spilled over the idea of “fake news” in the media. This issue centers squarely on the freedom of the press, a right that is found in the First Amendment. Let’s examine what this right is and why it’s so important for democracy. At the time the Amendment was made, the [...]

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