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Remembering the Civil & Women’s Right Hero: Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Some remember her as an activist, and some may remember her as a feminist icon. However, Ruth Bader Ginsburg will forever be remembered as a champion of equality. She made it her life’s work to make sure that no matter what you look like or who you love  that you will be treated as an equal in society and in the eyes of the law. She did this by eliminating gender-based stereotyping in legislation and regulations. Many consider RBG the architect of the legal fight for women’s rights in the 1970’s. Without a doubt, she changed the world for the [...]

Family Grieves The Loss Of Family Member Who Was Struck By DWI Driver

Dallas, Texas 11/22/2019- Larry Taylor of The Cochran Firm Dallas and the family of Melvin Taylor are asking lawmakers to do more to keep the public safe from intoxicated drivers.  On October 29 Melvin, a marine veteran from Lancaster, TX,  was killed in a wrong-way crash as Chaz Thames drove northbound in the southbound lane of the Dallas North Tollway.  Thames had been convicted in numerous DWI charges before the crash that took Melvin’s life. “There are devices that you can actually put on someone that let you know immediately if they have alcohol in their system. There are things [...]

Ignored Warnings Result in Injuries in Hard Rock Hotel Collapse in New Orleans

New Orleans, Louisiana 10/17/2019- Derrick Pate was among dozens of people who were injured after the future Hard Rock Hotel construction site came crashing down.  Mr. Pate, who was buried under the rubble, had to be dug out.  Authorities are investigating social media videos and claims that show the construction site was in peril days before it fell.  In the video a Spanish speaking voice can be heard describing an aging concrete slab and bent support posts.  Mr. Pate and his attorney Shean Williams hope that the disaster results in stricter codes so that future accidents can be avoided.   [...]

The Cochran Firm Announces $3.6M Verdict in Wrongful Death Lawsuit

    The Cochran Firm Announces $3.6M Verdict in Wrongful Death Lawsuit of Man Shot 17 Times By Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputies Video shows Nicholas Robertson did not point gun at deputies Los Angeles, CA - The Cochran Firm has announced that on Monday a unanimous jury awarded the children of a man fatally shot by Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies a total verdict of $3.6 million dollars in a wrongful death lawsuit. 28-year-old Nicholas Robertson died after being shot 17 times by deputies assigned to the Lynwood Sheriff’s Station on Dec. 12, 2015in front of an Arco gas [...]

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8 Ways Police Can and Cannot Legally Infringe on Your Civil Rights

  The ACLU has often stated that the way to build the strongest case for reform is through researching police departments, and discovering relevant policies and practices they enforce. The organization has also stated that to understand officers’ strengths and weaknesses it is important to compare them to other departments. An important topic is use of physical force. This includes understanding your local police department’s formal written policies on how officers are supposed to behave and not behave in particular situations. According to the National Institute of Justice, there is “no single, universally agreed-upon definition of use of force.” The [...]

The American Civil Rights Movement in 2020

The Beginning During the 1950s and 1960s, the civil rights movement fought for social justice, primarily for black Americans to achieve equal legal rights in the United States. The Civil War officially ended slavery, but not discrimination facing the black community. They proceeded to sustain the overwhelming impacts of racism, notably in the South. Black Americans grew tired of prejudice and violence against them. Along with several white Americans, they assembled and launched a unique battle for equality that crossed two decades. During Reconstruction, black individuals held leadership roles. They took public office, desiring equality and voting rights. The effort [...]

Cochran Firm Attorneys Announce $50,000 Reward For Information Leading To The Capture Of The Person Who Shot 8-Year-Old Secoriea Turner

Atlanta, Georgia 7/14/2020- “Martin Luther King said our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.  And the life of Secoriea matters,” said Shean Williams of The Cochran Firm Atlanta at a press conference where a $50,000 award was announced for information leading to the arrest of the person responsible for the 8-year-old’s death.  Turner was shot and killed at the same Wendy’s location where Rayshard Brooks was killed by a police officer.  Secoriea was riding in a car with her mother when they encountered a group of armed individuals who were illegally blocking the [...]

A Historic Timeline of Police Brutality in America

  Early Policing in America TIME In the United States, the development of police closely followed England. Early colony policing was practiced in two forms: informal and communal, known as the “Watch” system, or private-for-profit policing, called “The Big Stick.” The watch system included area volunteers whose primary responsibility was to notify of danger. Boston organized a night watch in 1636, New York in 1658, and Philadelphia in 1700. However, this was not an effective method of crime control. Watchmen frequently drank or slept on duty. Many “volunteers” attempted to avoid military service, were ordered by draft into service by [...]

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