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7 Halloween Safety Tips

For children, Halloween is a night filled with fun, magic, tricks, and most of all treats. However, for parents it can also be a night of high alert and safety concerns. Road and pedestrian safety are amongst the biggest concerns facing parents on Halloween night, along with the concern of child predators. We want everyone [...]

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Quirky Halloween Laws

It’s a civilian’s duty to follow the laws set out by the local, state, and federal judicial courts. After all, they are enacted to preserve the rights of civilians and keep them safe. When it comes to Halloween though, some places have passed laws that can seem pretty weird or quirky to the ordinary person. [...]

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Wrongful Death in Medical Malpractice Cases

When you lose a loved one due to medical malpractice, you may struggle with many emotions, confusion, and financial hardship. Many people suffering through loss need time to grieve, but they soon realize that they may have a legal recourse. Legal recourse is the form of a wrongful death lawsuit that may allow you to [...]

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The Rights of Felons After Release

  The punishment of a felon lasts long beyond the jail sentence or the parole. Felons lose many rights upon release, sometimes permanently. The laws on which rights are deprived depends on the state that the felony was committed. Additionally, there are some federal programs that you may not be able to access after a [...]

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How Are Supreme Court Justices Selected?

Once Supreme Court justices are approved, they serve for life unless they retire. This means that their selection must be taken with the utmost care. As the third major branch of government, the Supreme Court is a powerful check against the other two branches, the Legislative and the Executive. Over the past few years, there [...]

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Auto Accidents Involving Bicycles

In 2016, over 18,000 cyclists were injured in reported road accidents. Only 16% of fatal or serious accidents were reported as not involving a collision with another vehicle. It is the duty of both the rider and driver to follow the laws of the road and traffic regulations, although there are specific laws to help [...]

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3 Famous Medical Malpractice Lawsuits

Julie Andrews In 1997, Julie Andrews, mostly famously known for per performances in the Sound of Music and Mary Poppins, went in for an operation to treat non-cancerous nodules in her throat. Instead, she left with hoarseness, vocal chord damage, and other complications. She filed the lawsuit in 1999 and it came to a close [...]

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Freedom of the Press

There has been much ink spilled over the idea of “fake news” in the media. This issue centers squarely on the freedom of the press, a right that is found in the First Amendment. Let’s examine what this right is and why it’s so important for democracy. At the time the Amendment was made, the [...]

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How Does the ACLU Help People with Civil Rights Violations?

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is one of the most well-known civil rights organizations in America. It was founded in 1920 to ensure the promises of the Bill of Rights extended to all citizens, especially those who were historically denied its protections. The ACLU has defended all manner of groups, from the loved to [...]

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What Do I Do If I Feel I’m Being Discriminated Against at Work?

The workplace has long been a battleground for discrimination and harassment cases. There are quite a number of legal precedents and laws that cover these situations. If you feel like you are being discriminated against in your workplace, here are the steps you should take to seek justice. Know your rights All workplaces are required [...]

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