Job Description

Support the Managing Attorney in all phases of the Plaintiff oriented civil litigation process, with an emphasis on State and Federal Litigation, from the initiation of litigation to the discovery period through trial and post-trial findings and appeals. Experience with TN mandatory, and ARK & MS a plus.

ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: (All duties performed, per case requirements)

  • Organize documents and coordinate document productions. Conduct the bates-stamping, redaction, duplication and indexing of documents. Set up and maintain files which are organized chronologically, numerically and/or by subject matter. Under the guidance of an attorney, categorize documents by subject matter, prepare a chronology of facts and create production charts.
  • Conduct various document searches and factual research. Create and maintain internal case

databases, run searches on internal and external document databases and systems, review relevant information from a variety of resources such as newspapers, magazines, libraries, case documents and trade associations.

  • Prepare witness and matter materials for case preparation. Organize interview memos, digests and other relevant documents for attorney review and case preparation.
  • Prepare for and attend depositions. Under attorney supervision, gather and prepare documents relevant to the deponent, organize exhibits, take notes and handle exhibits during the deposition, and digest transcripts to summarize highlights of a proceeding.
  • Motion practice. Pull relevant documents, proofread papers, organize exhibits and create document indices in the preparation of motion filing.
  • Court filings. Work with the Managing Attorney in the preparation and filing of all court documents. Create, bind and distribute both file and courtesy copies. Organize the briefs, exhibits and appendices.
  • Act as liaison among other paralegals, attorneys and relevant outside agencies. Oversee the progress of documents through litigation support, order transcripts from reporting services, and fulfill requests from outside counsel and others.
  • Prepare for and attend trials. Organize exhibits, files and all other supporting documents, coordinate trial set-up and logistics, assist attorneys in the courtroom by taking notes, handling exhibits, and marking documents referred to by counsel, assist in the preparation of witness testimony and serve as liaison between trial attorneys and applicable staff.
  • Ensure accurate reporting and recording of work hours and documenting time in Client Matters and time sheet for payroll purposes
  • Perform other duties as assigned. (Daily) (Process Mail Received, Verify Sol lists, Update Calendar, Back up receptionist desk for lunch one hour during weekly assignment, Schedule travel, depositions, reservations, etc.)


  • Ability to deal with many clients while maintaining professional etiquette and a customer focused demeanor.
  • Experience working with the Federal Court systems, processes, and case flow.
  • Knowledge of Federal Civil Litigation and Electronic Filing in State and Federal Courts.
  • Excellent writing skills, strong organizational skills, ability to multi-task, attentive to detail, and interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to work independently with knowledge of ethical and legal parameters.
  • Must have sound analytical and problem solving skills.
  • Excellent phone skills and fundamental computer knowledge are required.


At least five years’ experience as a personal injury litigation paralegal; some experience working with pre-suit file management a plus. Must have knowledge propounding and responding to written discovery, trial preparation, law and motion, and legal research to maximize the performance of the duties and responsibilities of this position.

Job Type: Full-time
Salary: based upon experience and consistent with community standards