Were you or a family member injured because of someone else’s action or inaction? If you were injured in an accident and your injuries caused you to incur medical bills, forced you to miss time at work, or left you with a disability, you may be able to collect financial compensation from the person responsible for your injuries.

The cause of your injuries is an important part of your insurance claim or lawsuit for compensation. A Smyrna personal injury lawyer can help you build a successful claim for the compensation you deserve. When you call The Cochran Firm – Nashville at 615-678-6278, you can speak to one of our lawyers to learn about the opportunities you have for financial compensation.

A Smyrna Personal Injury Lawyer Can Support Your Compensation Claim

Were you or a family member hurt in a slip and fall accident? You may be entitled to collect financial compensation from the person who caused your injuries. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, millions suffer injuries each year due to accidental falls. On your own, it can be difficult to understand all the financial complexities of your case and every expense that qualifies as recoverable damage.

Expenses you may be able to recover in a personal injury claim:

  • Accident scene and emergency room care
  • Current and future medical treatments
  • Income lost due to missed employment
  • Pain and suffering as a result of your injuries

Depending on what caused your injuries, there may also be additional financial damages you can collect. For example, if your injuries were the result of a car accident, you can also collect the cost of repairing or replacing your vehicle. A Smyrna personal injury lawyer can help you determine the true financial impact of the accident that caused your injuries and negotiate a fair financial award.

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What Happens if Your Personal Injury Case Goes to Court

A personal injury lawsuit can take time to move through the court process. Due to statutes of limitations related to personal injury cases, potential claims should be acted upon as quickly as possible. A Smyrna personal injury attorney will be able to explain what is involved in a personal injury court case and how long the case might take to reach its conclusion.

Typically, if your case goes to court, you will be the plaintiff and the at-fault party will be the defendant. Your lawyer will likely conduct investigations, compile facts and data, conduct depositions, and argue your case in court. Very few personal injury claims result in a trial because many often end in financial settlements.

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Understand How the Financial Settlement Process Can Work in Your Favor

Many personal injury lawsuits end in settlements between the two parties involved—you and the person responsible for the accident.

A financial settlement involves the at-fault party or their insurance company offering you a specific amount of money in exchange for your agreement not to go forward with litigation. If you agree to this settlement amount, you will receive the agreed-upon amount of money and forfeit your right to any further compensation.

Negotiating a favorable settlement means taking all the financial expenses and losses of the accident into account and ensuring your case is not undervalued. You may seek the advice of a Smyrna personal injury attorney before accepting a settlement offer, but the decision to accept or decline the offer is always yours to make.

Accepting a settlement that is too small could mean you are still left with out-of-pocket expenses for an accident that you did not cause. Speak to a member of our team to discuss the total value of your personal injury losses.

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Know if Your Injury Qualifies as a Personal Injury

When you walk through your local retailer, you do not expect to suffer a personal injury as a result. When you are injured, you may wonder if your injury qualifies as a personal injury and entitles you to compensation.

You expect your local retail store to have clear aisles and clean floors. If you encounter spills, debris, or unstable displays, an ordinary trip to the store can turn into an accident before you know it.

You can also suffer a personal injury from a bite from a neighbor’s dog, a tumble down a set of unkempt steps, or a car accident. All of these accidents have an important factor in common—they all stem from a form of negligence.

A Smyrna personal injury attorney can explain how negligence is defined in a personal injury case. Negligence may mean that the person responsible for your accident did something that an ordinary and reasonable person would not have done, like colliding with your car by running a stop sign.

Negligence can also mean that the at-fault party did not do something that could have prevented the accident, like failing to clean up a spill or secure a display shelf in a retail store. If you or a family member were injured, call us to find out if the cause of your injuries entitles you to financial compensation.

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You May Be Entitled to Compensation for Your Personal Injuries

Whether your injuries were caused by a slip and fall accident, a dog bite, or a car accident, you may be entitled to compensation. When you are ready to hold the at-fault party financially responsible for their role in your injuries, call The Cochran Firm – Nashville at 615-678-6278.

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