• Insurance firms profited $400 Billion after Hurricane Sandy by under paying on their customer’s policies.
  • Through the National Flood Insurance Program participating insurance firms are paid additional money by FEMA to handle claims, yet many policy holders do not get the help they need.
  • Insurance Adjusters are trained to settle claims as quickly as possible and insurance companies use bad faith practices to underpay.




How do insurance companies underpay on their claims?

Insurance companies can use many tactics to underpay on claims or deny the claim all together in order to make as much profit as possible.* Some of the tactics they use are:

  • Applying inaccurate depreciation to determine an assets value.*
  • Using outdated, inaccurate price lists where construction prices have increased.*
  • Failing to value specialty objects accurately.*
  • Claiming that type of damage is not covered in the policy*
  • Stalling on processing a claim in hopes of increasing the likelihood that a policy holder will become desperate and agree to a smaller payout.

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